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Saturday, May 24, 2008

FOR TODAY May 24...
Outside My Window... is the great unknown. My shades are drawn and I'm done with the outside world for the day.
I am thinking... that I accomplished something good today.
I am thankful for... a hot cup of tea.
From the kitchen... the aforementioned tea. Cinnamon stick, in this case.
I am wearing... my pajamas: flannel pants and a sweatshirt.
I am creating... the perfect environment for a good night's sleep.
I am going... to 7:00 Mass in the morning.
I am reading... the same book I've been working on.
I am hoping... that I get a room key soon so that I can come and go from the building with the knowledge that I'll be able to get back in.
I am hearing... the season finale of House. Thank you, Mom!
Around the house... I have a bit of a headache, which isn't helped by the fact that my roommate got bored and decided to dye her hair. Ach, that smell!
One of my favorite things... a warm bed.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Work, work, lay outside in the sun and read a book.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...


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