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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Gee, Didn't See This Coming...

ROME, JULY 29, 2005 ( China might soon become the most populous country of bachelors, reported a missionary of the Pontifical Institute of Foreign Missions.

Father Giancarlo Politi, speaking on Vatican Radio, said that the one-child policy, instituted to "maintain control over the population, so that it wouldn't grow enormously," favors the birth of boys among Chinese families.

"There is still a need to seek by all means to have at least a male child," said the priest.

As a result of the policy, instituted in 1979, an estimated 25 million young men in China might remain single for life.

"The family without heirs leaves the couple in a relationship of virtual sterility, also from the human and not just the procreative point of view," he said.
I mean, really, sometimes it just baffles me that people can have such a lack of foresight. Did no one realize that a civilization can't go on if it fails to reproduce, and it can't reproduce if they are, let's see...women. Not to mention that, because of the one-child policy, China is becoming a country of only children, and that in and of itself scares me.

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