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Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Phenomenon I'm Not Sure I Fully Understand...

To no one's surprise, Harry Potter has apparently had no trouble selling in England. While I've read all of them - and even enjoyed a few of them - I've managed to keep myself from getting caught up in the mania. Actually, the whole thing rather amuses me. You see, it occurs to me that people have spent virtually the entire time since the last book came out pondering what will be in this one. And now that it's out, the buzz will quiet down for approximately the next 7 hours (or until everyone who bought it at midnight has finished reading it), and then pick right back up again, pondering what the next book will contain. So basically, having had our "long-standing" questions (and in our society, I believe 2 years does count as "long-standing"; how many marriages last that long?) answered, we will be satisfied for the briefest period of time, and then move on, back to dissatisfaction. Curious phenomenon.

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