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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Anoka County Hit By Possible Tornado on Last Day of Summer

We actually didn't get too much more than some nasty lightning and losing our power for about 40 minutes, but Andover, Anoka, and parts of Blaine (I know, references that mean nothing to more than 5 of you) got hit pretty hard. When the power came on, I reset my alarm clock. This morning (5:30, to be exact), I realized that I had set it wrong, and was up an hour early. Actually, I didn't realize my mistake until I was already dressed and ready to go (I thought it seemed a little dark outside), so I flipped on the TV only to discover that virtually every school in the county was cancelled. Every school, that is, except mine. The sheriff's department was advising people not to drive unless necessary, but I decided to brave it, only to end up turning around due to downed trees, flooding, and debris in the road. I'm just glad I didn't have to work last night (my usual shift would have put me there right in the middle of things). As it was, I could see the front coming, and managed to just outrun it the whole way home (kind of an adrenaline rush). You can read the riveting National Weather Service report here.

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