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Sunday, September 18, 2005


I realized on Saturday that I completely neglected to mention that I would be gone this weekend, as our family went camping with several other homeschooling families from our church. It was quite fun, and we discovered last night that there was another group of Catholics there who were having a Mass. We weren't so smart as to bring our own priest, so we got up and went to 8:30 Mass this morning. The campground was 10 minutes from church, so naturally, we were late for Mass, which was celebrated by a guest priest, as Fr. Jon was at the men's retreat this weekend. Fr. Livingston (the guest priest) was quite the homilist. He had the gift of keeping a captive audience, and I myself rather enjoyed his speaking style ("...we should not dally nor tarry, lest we be found unprepared...").

The disadvantage of being gone all weekend is that I have homework left to do before tomorrow, so I'm going to go now and re-type a paper on the topic "What is a Good College Education?" Incidentally, I already typed this paper at school, and congratulating myself on my efficiency, emailed it to myself. It never came through.

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