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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kind of sad that the first thing I noticed was the misplaced apostrophe

I was cleaning my room today (okay, I was helping Mom clean my room today) and I came across a story that I wrote. I was glad to see that, at least in my estimation, my writing has improved somewhat since I was 5.

The Hot-Air Balloon Ride
By Holly

Once, for the 1st time me and my family were going on a Hot Air Balloon ride. I was really excited! My sisters were too. We got to the place where our balloon was, And we got in it.
Up, up it went. We were high in the air I could see a flower garden that looked like a rainbow
there is our car said Dad, it looks like a toy. Some bird almost flew into the balloon. The cloud’s looked really close.
At last it was time to go. None of us wanted the trip to be over. Mom and dad said we could go up again sometime. the end.

Jan 9, 95

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