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Sunday, August 21, 2005

E-Mail from an adoring reader

Okay, so not really, but it made me laugh really hard feel really honored.


My Name is Ric Benitez
I am sorry for the unusual approach but I have
acquired your email address as a person who is
actively involved in or looking for an online
*Business Opportunity.

If this is the case I would be grateful if you
would allow me to send you details of these
opportunities that may well be of interest to you.

I did not want to send you any details until I
had mailed you to seek your permission first, as
experience has taught me that not all leads that
we acquire are genuine *Business Opportunity Seekers.

If however you would like me to send you full
details of these Opportunities then please send your
reply with "Give Me-Access" in the subject line and
your Name in the text body, without this I cannot
send you any further information I am afraid.

So why not give it a try? After all I am not trying
to sell you anything. It's only information that you
may or may not wish to act on.

I want to help Internet marketers and newbies get
on the right track whether you want to believe it
or not, this is the least I can do to help my
subscribers and those putting a sincere effort into
making a living online.

In return, I hope to gain your trust and increase
my credibility so that my future offers will be more
highly considered.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much for your time and your co-operation.

God Bless You and your Family.


Ric Benitez

Yes, you heard it here first: I just may be a “genuine business opportunity seeker.” That explains the irrepressible urges I sometimes get to just…sell something. I’d reply to him, but with school starting tomorrow, I just don’t have time for a penpal.

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