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Saturday, August 20, 2005

"For just 99 cents more, you can get fries and a Pope..."

COLOGNE, Germany (CNS) -- McDonald's is a most unlikely place of pilgrimage, yet that is where, opposite the Cologne cathedral, hundreds of young people crowded to see Pope Benedict XVI. The McDonald's restaurant on Marzellan Street was ideally positioned to offer reasonably clear views over the heads of the other pilgrims who were lining and clogging the streets. At about 5:30 p.m. Aug. 18, the youths began storming the McDonald's, climbing on benches and tables and excitedly knocking at the glass windows whenever they thought there was a sign of the pope's arrival. "We just spent three hours waiting at another location, and we realized it was too crowded for us to get a look at him," said Patricia Taibo of La Coruna, Spain. "So now we came here and hope that, after coming all this way, we will at least get to see him as he drives by." "I don't mind, it's a special situation that requires me to be exceptionally tolerant," said the restaurant's duty manager, Muhammet Oezbek.

Now if McDonald's really wanted to capitalize on this, they could offer Special Edition WYD Happy Meal toys. I'd collect 'em all.

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