The thoughts, ideas, findings, and fancies of a Catholic student at Our Lady's University.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else, but apparently pickpocketing is pretty rampant at WYD. Someone from our church has been calling home periodically with updates, and here mom passes them on. Apparently, on the first day, one of the chaperones was relieved of his money, passport, ticket home, etc (of course, he happened to be carrying all that in his front pocket, so any sympathy is vastly tempered). Another chaperone lost her camera, and a friend of mine who's there was walking down the street when he felt someone going through his backpack. The thief was going after his camera, but couldn't get it because Luke (my friend) had bungeed it to everything else in the bag. Luke turned around and punched the guy, because, as he said, "It was either him or my camera."

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