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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fuzzy Science

I wasn't too excited about taking Ecology and Environmental Issues in the first place, given my harrowing experience in Psych last semester, but I needed a science class, and I didn't want to take O-Chem, so this fit the bill. So far, it's actually been pretty interesting; more Ecology than Environmental Issues.

The textbook publisher provided a powerpoint presentation (say that 10 times fast!) to assist professors with their lectures. Well, the first chapter of the book is devoted teaching the scientific method, means of evaluating the science used in news stories, etc., with the goal of being able to check that claims are backed up with actual science.

Well, that was chapter one. Chapter two gets into some actual "environmental issues", and therein lies the problem. The provided powerpoint slips in slides that say in big, scary, italics "Pollution kills 40,000 people a year!" and "Overpopulation exacerbates every environmental issue". And where, exactly, is the science to back those up? Sorry, but they taught me to ask.

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