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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

FOR TODAY June 3...
Outside My Window... rain. It was painfully humid this morning, so I'm glad it finally "broke" and just started raining.
I am thinking... that it would be a good day just to go back to bed.
I am thankful for... come on, must you ask?
From the kitchen... feeling a little under the weather, so right now, I've got a cup of cocoa and an orange.
I am wearing... a skirt and t-shirt.
I am creating... a few different things, but mostly just the aforementioned socks, which are coming along nicely (although I haven't gotten to the hard part yet).
I am going... to bed early tonight.
I am reading... "Liberating Liturgies", the latest in the on-going parade of scary books found in the library and other various places. Credit for finding this one goes to Kim; I can't imagine why she thought of me when she saw it :-P
I am hoping... that I don't end up working on Thursday or Friday.
I am hearing... the rain. An added bonus: the weather made the masonry work stop early for the day, so they've been quiet for the last few hours. Also, I think I found the perfect soundtrack for a rainy afternoon.
Around the house... sorting the necessary stuff out from the unnecessary in hopes of getting it out of my way soon.
One of my favorite things... having nothing to do but curl up and read.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Oh, you know, this and that; work, read, maybe a few other things coming up this weekend.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...


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