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Monday, June 02, 2008

Luckily, I think I've come down off Cloud Nine a little bit since Saturday. I was downright giddy yesterday, and the night before that I couldn't sleep at all. Why do I say "luckily"? Well, as I wrote to Mary Liz:
"My stream of consciousness ran something like: Oh man. I'm a Notre Dame student. I get a class ring. I get a meal plan. No more walking from Saint Mary's. I don't have to wake up ridiculously early to go to Mass. I'm going to be a Notre Dame alum. I get to take all my classes here. My parents get to come for JPW. They get football tickets, too. Ooh, this solves my Father's day gift dilemma; I'll just get him a ------------... Man, this just simplifies so many things. Who cares if I don't get housing? Oh man. I'm a Notre Dame student... and so on and so forth for the better part of an hour. Hopefully I'll get used to the concept soon, or I'll be one sleep-deprived Domer."

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