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Monday, June 20, 2005

Bizarre finding in the church bulletin

We've all seen the classic church bulletin "bloopers" ('For those of you who have children and don't know it, we have a nursery downstairs,' etc.), but I think I found something even more bizarre in this week's church bulletin. I actually had to re-read it a couple times to make sure I was seeing it right, because there, right under the bit about next week's collection going to the Peter's Pence Collection, was the following prayer:

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful: God, you are peace and peace is from you. Please let us live in peace.

-Amin Chanaa, Palestine
Excerpted from "A World on Its Knees
(Honest Prayers in Uncertain Times)"
Compiled by Madonna Theres Ratdiff, FSP

Not quite sure what that's doing in there...

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