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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It takes so little to kill the mood...

I've been having a pretty good week so far, despite the fact that I've got a ton to do in the next 10 days.  Having finished my philo paper at midnight last night, I got 8 hours of sleep, and woke up in time to take a shower, blow-dry my hair, and still have time for a Starbucks run before class.  Even the pouring rain made me feel  more like Gene Kelly than a drowned cat.  Then, I stepped into Starbucks, which has become the most Christmas-y locale on campus, after the Alumni Chapel (which looks like a Macy's).  Among the early-morning chatter of baristas and students, what do I hear, but the one sound that could really kill my happiness.  

Yoko Ono on the Christmas Muzak.

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