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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have a feeling that lots of young Catholics can relate to the following, from a recent piece by John Zmirak:
Apart from the occasional Latin Mass full of elderly anti-Masonic activists, we typically sit through our dismal local services with teeth clenched and earlids shut, and spot each other (if at all) by secret handshakes and coded phrases. See that blonde over there, a friend might nudge you with his elbow. She took Communion on the tongue. I wonder if she’s single…. Such thoughts don’t always help you to pray.

("Riding the Short Bus to Love" - H/T Mom)
Personally, it reminded me of some excited text messages I got earlier this summer regarding the "Unidentified Chapel Veil" at 5:15 Mass. Perhaps this can lead to a new marketing campaign for the scapular/chapel veil industry*:

*No, I am not actually suggesting that one should wear a scapular, chapel veil, or ashes for the sole purpose of advertising one's status as a good Catholic. However, if one's motives are well-ordered anyway, I see nothing wrong with the possibility of an additional benefit....

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