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Monday, December 15, 2008

All that’s standing between me and break:


  • Paint and assemble giant cardboard tube of lipstick (due at 10:30 tomorrow)
  • Repaint plaster self-portrait (also due at 10:30)
  • Dispose of giant tube of lipstick and (30 lb.) plaster self-portrait. The possibilities of what to do with the latter are endless…
  • Write Christmas/thank-you cards to five or six priests
  • Turn in creative writing final project; brush the dust of that class of my shoes on the way out the door. (4:15 tomorrow)
  • Finish printing photos for portfolio, decide that the chemical prints are better anyway
  • Philo test (Friday morning). Hume, Descartes, and Kant won't know what hit them. That would be me. With a copy of the Summa.
  • Throw away roughly 1700 pages of class handouts I'll never need again.
  • Clean room so I won't want to cry when I see my room again in January.

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