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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Adventures in Fondant (or: Maybe sometimes it's easier to just take a class)

Mom and I have been meaning for a while to learn how to do a few different things, like fondant a cake and arrange flowers. We went to Joann's on Sunday with the intention of signing up for a Fondant class, and discovered that while the class itself is only $25, there's a supply list that adds up to $50+, and we just couldn't justify spending that much (especially for 2 of us). Undaunted, we thought, "How hard could it be to teach ourselves?" Four hours, 2 lbs. of powdered sugar, and one batch of tough-as-rubber fondant later, we knew. For a family that's notorious for not eating cake, it was not worth the effort.

(I didn't feel like taking the saran wrap off the cake before I took the picture)

Fortunately, our second round of experiments was far more successful. Guided only by a Martha Stewart DVD from the library, we bought 2 dozen roses and some odds and ends from Sam's Club and set to work. 15 minutes later, we had what we agreed was a pretty acceptable bouquet. Not to mention that for the same price as the batch of fondant, we got something far more attractive that won't get dry after a day, and probably tastes better.

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