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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Support Your Local Bloggers!

June has turned out to be quite the month for meeting in person people who I have gotten to know through their blogs. I started out by meeting Danielle Bean and getting to babysit her adorable baby while she spoke at the MN Catholic Home Ed Conference . I also got to meet Margaret , who was every bit as sweet in person as she is on her blog.

Having nearly filled my quota of homeschool mom bloggers (now if I could only meet Melissa Wiley...), I made it a point to go to the Chesterton Conference last Friday to hear Dawn Eden's presentation The Girl Who Was Thirsty: How G. K. Chesterton Opened the Door to My Conversion. I brought my copy of her awesome book (yeah, I know I'm not the target audience; I very much enjoyed it anyway), in hopes that I could get her to sign it. Lo and behold, I walked in the doors of the conference building, and who should be sitting behind the registration table but the lady herself! She wasn't signing books at the time, but I asked anyway (I had to leave immediately afterward to help celebrate someone's 21st birthday), and she graciously obliged.

Having accomplished that, we sat down to enjoy her talk. Let me say this: if you enjoy her writing, you MUST see her in person! Dawn has a speaking style that is like her writing style, but intensified. Her wonderful sense of humor is all the more apparent in person, as is the intensely personal nature of her chosen subject. It already takes great courage to be so candid and earnest about something so personal; I can't even imagine being willing to share it again and again with crowds of complete strangers. Beyond all that, though, Dawn's joy was so obvious and contagious that one couldn't help but smile just to watch her share the gift she has been given. Hats off.

This evening, 2 or 3 things coincided and freed my schedule up so that I could go to Theology on Tap North. I wasn't at all expecting to know anyone there, and I was really surprised to meet ToT regular and tonight's featured speaker, Adoro, who talked about the occult. She shared this story and gave us some helpful definitions and information. I can see why she teaches RCIA - she's just as articulate in person as on her blog, and really has a gift for explaining things. For myself, I read this article when was first published, and it singlehandedly did a pretty good job of helping with temptation (the past that sticks in my head? "Try this: The next time you face a temptation, remind yourself that you’re cooperating with the malevolent will of a highly developed insect that hates you yet wants to be with you forever. You’ll find your old reliable sins lose a little of their allure.")

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