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Sunday, January 29, 2006

That 70's Song

One of the best things Jenny's ever discovered at church was an old songbook in the bench of a little-used piano. I was flipping through that book during a meeting last week, and found a gem that I just had to share (by Erich Sylvester, if anyone's curious). There among "We All Have Fun When God Mixes With Us!" and "Good Morning, Zachary" was "Stay With Me":

I am a man without envy
No roof and no walls to defend me
In hope that someday you'll defend me
And take all my troubles away

Walk with me, talk with me
Tell me about all the good things you've done
Stay with me, pray with me
Leave all your blues in your shoes at the door

I went to school for a long time
Expecting to stay in a straight line
Until I discovered that great minds
Don't stay in a straight line at all


I was a child once, I know it
My mother has pictures to show it
But she always knew I'd outgrow it
I guess that's what pictures are for

Repeat refrain until no one is left alive...

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