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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My feelings exactly. Posted by Hello

Well, we made it through this year's Conference relatively unscathed. There were, of course, the expected headaches and problems, but nothing too extraordinary. As always, it was fun to see all the super-Catholic stuff that the vendors had, and I think I bought more books than I ever have over such a short period of time (unfortunately, even this record number was pretty small - 4 or 5, I think - due to my until-recent lack of income). Em, Kate, and I got a treat, though, meeting reader Marie, who was there (Hi, Marie and daughter!).

So, having had a couple days to recover, I can now move on to my "relaxed" summer, meaning a job, 4-H projects for the county fair, Vacation Bible School, Theology of the Body Study Group, etc. Fun stuff.

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