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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Going to the Dogs

I read a great article this morning on Catholic Exchange about the correlation between the number of children most people have, compared with the number of dogs they have:

"For a society to replace its population, demographers say each woman needs to average 2.1 children. Germany is at 1.3, Italy 1.2, Spain 1.1, and France 1.7. The rest of Europe might be a little better or a little worse (I don't have the stat in front of me, but I believe the Netherlands is at .9). Blue states in the US are slightly below 2.1, and red states are just a little above it, if memory serves.

So am I concerned about the lack of workers to pay for my social security? The collapsing infrastructure? Muslim immigration taking over traditional Christian countries?

Naw. Those are all legitimate concerns, of course.

But I'm worried about the dogs."

(read the entire article

Now, we have a dog, and I like her well enough, but we decided long ago that when the aliens invade, or the volcano erupts (ala "Independence Day," "Dante's Peak," or any movie where people put themselves in danger to save their beloved Fido), if Bailey's not in the car, she's getting left behind. Actually, I proposed the same thing for my siblings, but it didn't go over too well...

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