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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rainbow Sash Movement Gearing up for Annual Demonstration

From a press release by the Rainbow Sash Movement:

The Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) with its supporters will be entering Cathedrals and parishes around the nation on Pentecost Sunday, May 15. We are inviting our supporters to join us, and wear the Rainbow Sash as a symbol of dignity and inclusion.

We continue to call for public dialogue with Cardinal Francis George Vice President of the National Council of Catholic Bishops.

In the weeks since the death of Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope Benedict XVI. For many gay men and lesbians the name Joseph Ratzinger means aggressive homophobe.

We hope that our presence will also counter the lies that Pope Benedict XVI is promoting about our community. We are Catholic, and will raise our voices to speak to the truth of our lives from the pews. We will no longer be silent in the face of this injustice.

(read the entire press release here)
Okay, so let me get this straight. They're Catholic, but they call the pope a lying, aggressive homophobe. Yep, I can see where that's going to be really effective in opening that public dialogue they want. The press release also includes instructions on how you, an average Catholic wishing to show solidarity with your GLBT brethren, can make your own rainbow sash and wear it on Pentecost.

I'm tempted to forward this article to our parish's liturgist in hopes of having our rainbow monstrosity removed before then. Last year, it stayed up into Ordinary Time.

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