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Friday, April 29, 2005

'Catholic' Senator Calls Focus on the Family "Antichrist of the World"

Strange, but doesn't that sound more like something Focus on the Family would call a senator, rather than the other way around?

Apparently, pro-choice "Catholic" senator Ken Salazar of Colorado reacted rather badly to being targeted by a FotF ad campaign highlighting certain senators' positions on filibusters of federal judicial nominees (the campaign highlights the fact that several senators are currently going back on campaign promises to end filibusters). While speaking to a Colorado Springs TV station, Salazar called FotF "the Antichrist of the World." Gee, do you think they might have touched a nerve with him?

Also, over the weekend, he charged FotF with organizing a boycott of a Dairy Queen restaurant owned by his family. In fact, FotF had nothing to do with it; the boycott was organized by a local church.

I wonder if his press secretary looked over his remarks before he made them. I can just picture the poor guy standing off to the side holding his (much more tactful) cue cards in disbelief as his boss brazenly departs from the script...

(read the story here)

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