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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Coincidence? I Think Not

A very bizarre thing happened between Masses on Sunday. (I should make it clear that I didn't actually witness any of this; my account is pieced together from the accounts of people who did see it) Apparently, right after the pre-Mass Rosary, a man jumped out of the congregation, ran up onto the steps in front of the Altar, and started shouting something semi-coherent about salvation. The ushers attempted unsuccessfully to remove him; finally, a group of men succeeded. One friend of mine said that when she arrived, there was a large group of people surrounding him, praying over him. Another friend said that when he showed up (after Mass had begun), there were 3 squad cars there.
This afternoon, our Latin teacher, Mr. K., started off class by telling us that when he was at Mass on Sunday, a man had jumped up onto the steps in front of the Altar and started shouting something semi-coherent about salvation (as best as he could remember it, it was something like, "Who is God? Is it the Blessed Virgin Mary? Is it not Jesus Christ, the Son of God? Deliver these people, Lord, for they know not what they do."). We asked Mr. K if he had been to Mass at St. Paul's, but no, he had gone to the Cathedral.
The incident at our parish took place at about 10:15; the one at the Cathedral happened at during the 12:15 Mass - plenty of time for him to get downtown from our church, provided that he wasn't actually arrested. I haven't been able to get a description of our intruder yet (Mr. K provided a detailed one of the man at the Cathedral), but it just seems to bizarre to be a coincidence.

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