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Sunday, February 20, 2005

So what if the Sanctuary burned down? At least he looked good doing it...

For the last few weeks, our parish has been going through the annual period of training in the new Altar Servers. They're paired with the more experienced servers, and there's usually one or two reasons to chuckle. Today, while lighting the Altar candles during the Preparation of the Gifts, the new server had his wick too long, and the flame was about 7 inches high. You could almost hear the ~puff~ when he extinguished it. I'm not complaining, though. We still have all-guy servers, and, as Mom commented a few weeks ago, it's nice to see that these teenaged boys, who can barely dress themselves in the morning, are able to show such care and precision as they do while serving Mass. I also admire the fact that they can execute a 90+ degree bow gracefully (you know you're becoming a Catholic nerd(ette) when you start noticing guys based on how deeply they can bow without falling over).

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