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Friday, November 04, 2005

They Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

As I've posted before, I'm the editor of the campus newspaper, which is in need of serious help, mainly because no one ever shows up for our meetings. Our faculty advisor is notorious for having as little as possible to do with the newspaper, so he hasn't exactly been tough on people who don't show. On Monday during our meeting, as we sat by ourselves in the office, he told me that for people to show up, I'm going to have to be willing to kick *butt*. Well, I wish he hadn't waited half the semester to give me permission! I could have been harrassing people with endless phone calls and e-mails for weeks now! Since I have so much ground to make up, I immediately sent out the an e-mail which I believe makes my position clear:
Hey everyone-This is just a reminder that the final drafts of your articles are due on Monday, at or before our 1:00 editorial meeting.  Also, I expect everyone to be there, except those of you with previous permission or greatly extenuating circumstances (i.e., being the victim of a house fire, car bomb, or death).  Very few people (0-2, in addition to myself) have been regularily attending our meetings this semester, which is unacceptable if we are going to maintain a well-done publication.Though it wasn't explicitly stated, I'm going to assume that my authority extends to dealing with plagarism issues.  I am considerably less forgiving of plagarists than our advisor (i.e., I will actually do something about it and treat it like a serious problem), so if I come across any more problems with this issue, ohhh... heads will roll.
I’ve got to go now and send another reminder; it’s been 7 minutes since the last one.

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