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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Unashamedly Ignorant

I'm guessing that anyone who is or was homeschooled can identify with this phenomenon: You meet a stranger. It doesn't matter where - work, church, wherever. Within about 10 minutes or so, they say, "So, where do you go to school?" You reply, "I'm homeschooled," and then comes the part that gets me every time. Because every time, without fail, their response follows the same, very basic formula: " you, like, _______ (sleep until noon/wear your pajamas all day/have any friends/know what marajuana is)?" There's a whole host of things I've heard inserted into the blank there, but those are the most popular ones. Really, though, every time I hear the question, it's virtually always the example above, word for word. It's kind of sad, kind of amusing to me. And it doesn't, apparently, apply only to questions about homeschooling. Yesterday, upon finding out that I'm rather Conservative, someone asked me, " you, like, watch Fox News all the time?" He actually seemed rather shocked to find out that we don't even subscribe to Fox. So, it would seem, that question form is used universally by teenagers when asking about something they totally don't understand. Next time the subject comes up, I might have to follow suit: "You go to Andover High School? you, like, do drugs?" or "You're a liberal? you, like, listen to Air America all the time?" Of course, I wouldn't stoop to asking such a stupid question. No one listens to Air America.

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